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                  Smart wear

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                  Smart wear
                  The smart wearable device is a general term for the application of wearable technology to intelligently design and wear wearable devices for everyday wear. Such as glasses, bracelets, watches have no lines, so it is very convenient to use. It mainly combines the Internet of Things and cloud computing, and builds intelligent and commercial wearable devices by following the development trend of the Internet era. Research by Northwestern University shows that employees who use wearable devices every day have a 44% reduction in sick days, and experts predict that if this trend continues, wearables will help the entire healthcare industry save $200 billion over the next 25 years through remote control technology.

                  Our company is a professional wearable lithium battery manufacturer. The smart wearable battery model is fully applicable and can be widely used in:

                  Sports and fitness: sports watches, sports bracelets and accessories are the main forms to achieve monitoring, analysis and service of sports or outdoor data such as heart rate, stride frequency, air pressure, diving depth and altitude.
                  Healthcare: Provides detection and treatment of medical signs such as blood pressure and heart rate in a variety of forms, including arm sphygmomanometers, wearable oximeters, handheld monitors, and wearable single-lead ECGs.
                  Consumer electronics: smart watches, smart glasses, WIFI audio, wearable multi-touch projectors, charging boots, workout clothes, navigation shoes, etc.
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