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                  Brief introduction of Huazheng new energy company

                  Release date:[2021-04-27]
                  Established in June 2013, Huazheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. moved from Zhuhai, Guangdong Province to Chongzuo, Guangxi Province (Huamei factory extension), and settled in Zhongtai Industrial Park in December 2019. It is a professional manufacturer of polymer lithium-ion batteries, with an area of 12366 square meters and 176 employees and managers. The factory mainly focuses on R & D, production, assembly, sales and sales Shuangxin, a high-tech enterprise integrating services, is committed to becoming a high-quality supplier of high-quality polymer lithium-ion batteries and creating its own brand of Huazheng new energy. Huazheng brings together the elites in the lithium industry, adopts advanced automation equipment and manufacturing technology, and has advanced R & D strength. It can not only provide customers with conventional products, but also can be customized according to the changeable structure and special performance requirements, so as to provide customers with fast, comprehensive and personalized design solutions.
                  Huazheng new energy has successfully passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, as well as the environmental impact assessment and fire control acceptance. The products have passed CE, ROHS, UL, UN38.3 and other certifications. The enterprise has established a management system of design, development, production and service in line with the standards to ensure that each production link meets the international standards, which provides a strong guarantee for the stable performance, reliable quality and reasonable cost of the products. Since its establishment, the company has been persisting in winning the market and customers with high-end quality and reasonable price. Its appearance, performance and after-sales service have been highly recognized by the market. Huazheng's products have been sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America and many other countries. Based on Chongzuo, Huazheng is facing Southeast Asia and actively exploring the Southeast Asian market. With the rapid development of the scale of the factory, Huazheng continues to expand its product projects and develops into a comprehensive enterprise with complete varieties and supporting facilities.
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