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                  China's lithium battery industry is No.1 in the world! What's next? (3)

                  Release date:[2020-09-08]
                  Our development of electric vehicles is not to develop electric vehicles, but to develop electric vehicles is closely related to the energy situation of our country. In 2004, our Institute of Engineering did a consulting project on how China's oil and gas resources will be in 2050. The result of this implementation project is like this: by 2050, China's self-produced oil will be about 180 million tons per year. That is to say, from now on to 2050, it will still be at the level of 180 million tons per year.

                  In fact, the red line is 180 million tons, which was about 190 million tons last year. It is better not to rely on oil more than 50%. In 2017, the imported oil was 420 million tons, and the domestic oil was 192 million tons. The degree of foreign dependence reached 68.6%, which is far more than 50%. So our car ownership is 217 million, 167 per 1000 people, 131 per 1000 people in the world. Now we are a little higher than the world average, but we are still far from the 800 cars per thousand people in the United States. The fuel consumption of automobiles, if calculated on the basis of an average of two tons of oil a year, is 430 million tons of oil, that is to say, we imported 420 million tons of oil for cars to use up.

                  Two large oil fields have recently been discovered with a hidden capacity of 1 billion tons, both of which are regarded as extremely good news. I asked them what the recovery rate was, and he said that the recovery rate might be lower than 50%, about 40%. In other words, two oilfields will not be imported in two years, but they will be imported in the third year. Moreover, it is impossible for a billion ton oil field like this to be discovered all the time. We can only store oil for 40 days in Japan. Our country's oil storage is expected to last 100 days. In this case, in fact, our oil storage capacity has been greatly increased in recent years.

                  Energy security is a very important thing. At that time, we divided into several groups, one was electricity substitution group, coal substitution group, biomass energy substitution group and overall group. I am an electric replacement group, that is, to develop electric vehicles to replace imported oil. This is a conclusion of our electric replacement group. In addition, we should consider the global carbon dioxide emissions, because we are a party to the Paris climate agreement. China's carbon dioxide emissions began to rise sharply in 2010, dropped slightly in recent years, and then increased a little. China's carbon dioxide emission is the largest in the world, so in fact, we are under considerable pressure.

                  According to the Paris climate agreement, the temperature cannot rise more than two degrees, which is also our hope. Because now, the snowy mountains in the west of our country seem to be melting. You can see that the emissions of the United States are lower than ours. Originally it was the first place, then China is the first. Because India is developing very fast now, if it is not controlled, it will certainly surpass China. We hope that the traffic can be electrified. In small cities, bicycles, cars and buses are used. In big cities, there is a subway. There are high-speed railways between cities. Now there are airplanes and ships. We hope that high-speed rail, aircraft and ships can be electrified, that is, electric vehicles, electric airplanes and electric ships, which depend on lithium batteries.

                  Recently, an enterprise in Shenyang has made an electric plane with two seats. But in fact, you can see from the Internet that in 2010, a private enterprise in Shanghai has made an electric plane, which is also for two people. It has been successfully tested. In fact, it is the Israelites who do a good job in electric airplanes. Now they make nine seats. So now, in addition to electric vehicles, we need to develop electric ships and electric airplanes.

                  In fact, there are already electric ships in China. It is a 2000 ton electric ship in Guangzhou. Its battery capacity is about the same as that of more than 80 electric vehicles. This ship is used to transport coal in the Pearl River. In Shanghai, there are also 500 tons of such vessels, more than one, several. In addition, Liyang has now registered an electric ship company, which is a company registered by Professor Li gechen of Harbin Institute of technology. Some people say that electric vehicles do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, this electricity is from the power grid, from the power plant to the users. It is divided into peak power and low power. The price of peak power and valley power is different. We should encourage the use of low-voltage power.

                  In addition, we develop solar energy, wind energy, water energy and nuclear energy. Of course, the carbon dioxide emission of these kinds of energy is quite small, but in fact, all of these energy sources need to store energy. It turns out that I have no impression of solar energy. After visiting Zhangbei near Beijing, I realized that solar energy actually needs more energy storage. It is said that after a dark cloud comes and covers the sun, its power generation suddenly becomes small, almost zero. As soon as the cloud goes away, the current will come up, so it needs more energy storage than wind power. Wind power, whether the wind comes or goes, my wind leaves are still there. The wind turns faster when it comes and slows down when it goes away, so it's not as powerful as solar energy. Wind power and solar energy all need energy storage. Therefore, in some places, wind, light and water are abandoned. The electricity generated by wind, light and water is about 110 billion kwh, which can be used for 6 million electric vehicles a year. In fact, as long as you can do a good job of energy storage, do not add new power plants, do not burn more coal, you can use the valley power.

                  In fact, we are going to build an energy Internet, which has been mentioned for several years. Judging from our current energy development, it is now Ken
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